Department Sizing

We will travel to your department for no additional cost! If you have less than twelve members/employees to be sized, we kindly ask that you send the individuals to our storefront to be sized during business hours.

Please provide us with a minimum of three weeks notice. When scheduling a sizing, we ask for clarity on the specific brand/style your department wishes to be sized for. This allows ample time to secure a full size run in that specific brand/style. Members/employees will be asked to try on the exact brand/style during the sizing to ensure the most accurate fitting.

We can schedule a sizing to take place during or after business hours, Monday-Friday, no later than 7:00PM. A department sizing typically runs 2-3 hours depending upon the number of members/employees being sized. We kindly ask that all members/employees shall be cooperative and courteous to others during the sizing.

Please call (856) 939-4911 or E-mail Brianna at to schedule a department sizing.

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