Camden County College Police Academy

Congratulations on being selected to enter the Camden County College Police Academy. This is the beginning to one of the greatest career opportunities. We take pride in making this journey as effortless as possible by providing you with all of your uniform and gear needs during the course of the academy.

We can provide you with all of the following items to start the academy as well as anything you need throughout the academy and long into your career!

We have everything in stock and ready to go for you to obtain all of your gear and uniforms as quickly as possible! We also stock all nylon duty gear, leather duty gear, uniforms and accessories that you will be expected to purchase throughout the academy.

  1. Garment Bag (all black-NO logos)
  2. Navy Blue Dickies Utility Uniform Pants with 2” Belt Loops
  3. Navy Blue Dickies Utility Long Sleeve Shirt with CCCPA Patch and Department Patch
  4. Black All Leather Military Shoes
  5. Black Socks (calf high)
  6. Black Tie with Buttonholes
  7. Silver Tie Clip
  8. Two Black Garrison Belts with plain silver buckle that fits 2” belt loops
  9. Two Navy Blue Fitted Baseball Caps with CCCPA Patch
  10. Gym Duffel Bag (all black-NO logos)
  11. Navy Blue Workout Shorts (5”-7” inseam, NO pockets) with CCCPA logo on left thigh
  12. Navy Blue T-Shirt with CCCPA logo on front left breast and recruit’s last name centered on back in 2” white letters
  13. Navy Blue Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt with CCCPA logo on front left breast and recruit’s last name centered on back in 2” white letters
  14. Navy Blue Sweatpants with CCCPA logo on left thigh (NO pockets)
  15. White Sweat Socks (calf high, NO logo visible)
  16. Super Shirt Stay Garters (Military 4 Pack)
  17. Navy Blue Knit Cap
  18. Black Knit Gloves
  19. Hi-Vis/Reflective Elastic PT Belt
  20. Black BDU Pants
  21. Black Paratrooper Style Boots
  22. Gun Cleaning Kit
  23. Eye/Ear Protection Range Shooting Kit

The Camden County College Police Academy recommends THREE sets of utility uniforms, THREE sets of PT uniforms, TWO navy baseball caps, TWO black garrison belts, TWO black ties and TWO silver tie clips.

We are conveniently located 5.6 miles from the Camden County Regional Emergency Training Center, approximately a 10-13 minute commute.

Please feel free to visit us during business hours to obtain any or all of your academy needs! Feel free to call the store with any questions, (856) 939-4911. We will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction!

Enter to WIN a $50.00 Gift Certificate with every purchase! (15 purchases = 15 entries) The winner will be announced on graduation day.

Best of luck to you all!

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